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Temperatures are dropping, leaves are falling, and the change of seasons is upon us. With that change comes steps homeowners need to take to prepare for the chill of winter. Below you will find a list of suggestions we have for homeowners to get you ready for winter weather.

  1. Begin Inside
    1. Change Your Furnace Filter & Give your Heating System a Tune-up– dirty filters restrict airflow and increase energy demands on your furnace. Keep your furnace clean, lubricated and properly adjusted. This can help to reduce energy costs by 5%.
    2. Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors & Smoke Detectors – check devises that you already have to be sure they are working correctly. If you have not changed batteries now is the time to do so.
    3. Replace all Fire Extinguishers Older than 10 years.
    4. Check Your Thermostat Setting – for every degree you lower your thermostat you can save between 1-3% off your heating bill. Programmable thermostats make it easy to adjust temperatures in your home throughout the day and night.
    5. Reverse Ceiling Fans – the standard rule of thumb is:
      1. Counterclockwise rotation – produces a cool breeze for the summer
      2. Clockwise rotation – brings warm air from the ceiling down for the colder months
    6. Turn DOWN Your Water Heater – lowering your hot water heater to 120 degrees (or lower) can reduce your water heating costs by 6-10%.
    7. Seal off Drafts – rolled towels or draft “snakes” can help keep rooms warm and reduce wasted energy usage.
    8. Insulate Pipes – to prevent pipes from freezing add insulation. This step is easy to do with pre-slit pipe foam that you can purchase at most hardware stores.
    9. Block the Cold – add weather-stripping or install storm doors and windows. Caulk around windows and use foam outlet protectors to prevent cold air from entering your home. Also make sure your attic is properly insulated.
    10. Check your Fireplace – an annual inspection can prevent home fires! Animal nests or creosote buildup can be very hazardous.
  2. Outside
    1. Winterize Your A/C and Water Lines – drain any hoses and air conditioner pipes. If you’re a/c system has a water shutoff valve turn that off. Make sure hoses are removed from outside faucets, drained and properly stowed away. If you have rain barrels, drain those as well.
    2. Underground Sprinkler Systems – all systems need to be properly drained and pipes blown out before it freezes.
    3. Clean Gutters – having clean gutters not only makes your home look nicer it also prevents the build-up of ice on your roof and decreases the risk of mold in your home.
    4. Trim Trees – check limbs that could possibly knock out power to your home or cause damage to your home during winter storms.
    5. Clean and Store Garden and Yard Equipment
    6. Check Your Snow Blower and Stock up with Salt/Sand – the earlier you do this the better you are! Waiting until the first snowstorm only guarantees a snow blower that won’t start and stores running out of ice treatments.

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