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When selecting exterior colors for your home there are several key ingredients to keep in mind:

  • The colors that you select for your homes siding, trim and roofing are going to be far more permanent than the wall you paint inside your home. The investment is also going to be far greater.
  • Tour the neighborhood and note colors that catch your eye. Pay attention to homes that are similar in architectural style to your own.
  • Consider color cues from your landscaping. If trees surround your home a natural color palette of earth tones will be perfect.
  • Consider the climate of your area. Consider your home’s color in all seasons. What will it look like in snow? What will it look like in the fall?
  • Keep in mind that colors intensify and look brighter in daylight on the outside of the house than they do on the color card.
  • Consider the colors of homes that surround your home. If homes next to yours are white or a light color you may want to stay in a mid-tone range and not a dark color scheme. Color harmony is important when houses are close together. In neighborhoods with spacious lots or visual buffers of foliage you can be more personalized in your color selection.

This beautiful home is an example of use of color within the homes surroundings. Homeowners selected Mastics Ovation D4 Vinyl Siding in Scottish Thistle to do their home remodel with. Whatever your style is, Mastic makes it possible. With Mastic vinyl siding, you get architectural design, personalized support and professional grade performance.

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