Church Siding Renovation

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Church buildings have been a major part of our landscape. Seldom do we take the time to think about them architecturally and focus on their meaning or their beginning. According to The History and Symbolism of Church Buildings prior to the word “church” the Greek work “ekklesia” or “those who were called out” was the most commonly used word to describe the gathering of the Christian community.   Early Christian texts and archaeology show that Christians gathered in the villas of the richer members of the Christian community. By the second century the church was growing in numbers and required a larger space to house it’s members.

Parish churches became scattered across the Christian world in every town and village. These churches were statements of regional diversity and vernacular technology and decoration. In the 20th century, the use of new materials, such as steel and concrete, had an effect upon the design of churches. The history of church architecture divides itself into periods, and into countries or regions and by religious affiliation. Common architecture for churches today is the shape of a cross with a dome or large vaulted space in the interior to represent or draw attention to the heavens.

The Presbyterian Church of Palmyra, Nebraska, traces its origins back to a Congregational Church founded in that township by Rev. O.P. Merrill. The church building was constructed in 1872. In 1875 N.C. Robinson, district missionary, directed the organization of the Presbyterian Church of Palmyra. The church building was released to the congregation in 1876. The congregation signed Articles of Incorporation on March 16, 1953.

Casey Nelson Exteriors had the pleasure of doing the exterior renovation of the Palmyra Presbyterian Church. White Ovations Mastic Siding and Shakes; White Soffit, White Window Wrap, White Fascia and White Gutters and Downs were used to complete the exterior.

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