Vinyl Siding Contractor Lincoln and Omaha

Selecting that “perfect” color for your home can be a challenge.  At Casey Nelson Exteriors we have several resources at your disposal to help you. Those resources include:

  1. Our “Home Gallery” at
  2. Samples of color siding chips
  3. A listing of homes that we will provide to you so you can see the siding on homes within your neighborhood.

Our lines of Mastic Vinyl Siding provide a wide choice of colors for your home renovation.

Mastic Lines Include:

  1. Premium Color Lines: NOTE: Premium colors are more expensive than Classic and Light Colors.
    1. Cedar Colors
      1. Timberstone
      2. American Walnut
      3. Natural Cedar
      4. Cape Cod Grey
      5. Glacier Blue
      6. Woodland Green
      7. Deep Colors
        1. Russet Red
        2. Rugged Canyon
        3. Deep Granite
        4. English Wedgewood
        5. Quiet Willow
        6. Montana Suede
        7. Lakeshore Fern
        8. Misty Shadow
        9. Portsmouth Blue
        10. Vineyard Grove
        11. Autumn Harvest
  1. Classic Color Lines:
    1. Corn Silk
    2. Harbor Grey
    3. Everest
    4. Scottish Thistle
    5. Pebblestone Clay
  2. Light Color Lines:
    1. Victorian Grey
    2. Tuscan Olive
    3. Wicker
    4. Sandtone
    5. Sage
    6. Desert Sand
    7. Silver Grey
    8. Almond
    9. Classic Cream
    10. Linen
    11. Cameo
    12. Colonial Yellow
    13. White

All of the above colors can be viewed on line at Keep in mind that actual color chips and homes we have sided provide you the best view of the color.   Also keep in mind that not all colors are available in the type of siding that you may be selecting – Example: Quest, Structure or Ovation Siding.

Home 1– This beautiful home features Mastic’s 12’ Ovation Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding in Harbor Grey. Harbor Grey was also used for the vents and corners.  A new Malarkey Roof in Midnight Black was also completed by Casey Nelson Exteriors, as were new Amerimax windows.

Home 2– This home features a unique application of Mastic’s 12’ D4 Lab Ovations Vinyl Siding in Russet Red to the sides of the home with Board and Batten Russet Red to the front of the home.  Russet Red corners and vents were also used.  White porch ceilings, porch beams, wraps, soffits and fascia completed the exterior renovation of this home. This home also features new Amerimax windows, which Casey Nelson Exteriors installed.

Home 3– Homeowners selected Mastic’s 12’ Horizontal Dutch Ovation Vinyl Siding in Pebblestone Clay. White was selected for corners, wraps, soffit, fascia, gutters and downs.

Home 4– Casey Nelson Exteriors has also completed several duplexes for families in the Lincoln and Omaha areas.  This duplex features Mastic’s 12’ D4 Lap Ovation Vinyl Siding in Pebblestone Clay. Corners, soffit, and vents were completed in White.

Home 5 – These homeowners selected 12’ Dutch Lap Ovation Vinyl siding in Desert Sand for their home renovation.  Desert Sand was also selected for corners and vents.  Wraps, soffit and fascia were completed in White.

For solutions to your homes exterior renovation call Casey Nelson Exteriors.  Let Casey discuss products his company has that will draw not only curb appeal to your home but architectural interest.   ContactCasey Nelson Exteriorsof Lincoln and Omaha to help you create a one of a kind home! Let Casey Nelson show you what Mastic’s Siding system can do for your home!