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A split-level home is defined as a style of house where the floor levels are staggered. Typically two short sets of stairs, one running upward to a bedroom level, and one going downward toward a basement area exist in the floor plan of these homes. The basement level is usually finished with additional living space as well as a garage. Split-level homes include variations:

  • Side split – the split-level is visible from the front elevation of the home.
  • Back split – the split-level is only visible from the side elevation. The front elevation shows only a single story and the two stories are in the back.
  • Bi-Level – includes two short sets of stairs and two levels. The entry is between floors.
  • Modified Bi-level – the garage is attached at the front of the bi-level, not under it.

Featured are four split-level homes.   Each home was sided with Mastic Vinyl Siding.

  • Home 1: Mastic’s Dutch Quest Siding in Autumn Harvest was the choice for this home. Corners, Gable Vents, Wraps, Soffits, and Fascia were completed in White.
  • Home 2: Mastic’s Ovation Dutch Siding in Pebblestone Clay was the choice for this home. Soffit and fascia were completed in white.
  • Home 3: Mastic’s Dutch Ovations Vinyl Siding and accessory pieces were completed in Pebblestone Clay for this home. Closed Board and Batten Shutters were added in brow for added architectural detail.
  • Home 4: Mastic’s Dutch Ovation D-4 Vinyl Siding was used in Pebblestone Clay. Porch Beams were covered in Montana Suede.

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