Lincoln and Omaha Vinyl Siding Contractor

Vinyl siding is the most common home siding material used today. Vinyl siding is known for its low maintenance requirements, durability, versatility and relatively low cost. Vinyl siding will add to the overall curb appeal of you home. It comes in a variety of colors with the ability to be placed horizontally or vertically on your home. Vinyl siding also comes in a variety of profiles from Dutch Lap to Standard Lap.

The difference between dutch lap and clapboard, or standard lap, is that clapboard tends to be flat, with no shadow line showing while dutch lap is designed to look hand carved with a decorative grove or notch that runs along the top edge of the board. Dutch lap also has a shadow line. Mastic’s Vinyl siding also features a wood grain texture. Since vinyl siding is intended to imitate wood lap siding, it is available in several profiles. Most common is a piece that imitates two courses of wood siding, with an exposure of four or five inches each. These are called D4 or D5 (the “D” stands for “double”).

This beautiful renovation is an example of Mastic’s Ovation Vinyl Siding in D4 Profile. Pebblestone Clay was the color choice for the siding and White for corners.

For solutions to your exterior renovation call Casey Nelson Exteriors. Let Casey discuss Mastic Ovation products his company has that will draw not only curb appeal to your home but architectural interest.   Contact Casey Nelson Exteriors of Lincoln and Omaha to help you create a one of a kind home! Let Casey Nelson show you what Mastic Siding and selected colors can do for your home!